Sunday, April 10, 2011

#1665 classical

Bought a model # 1665 off Ebay. This Nagoya Suzuki guitar is supposedly from the stable of Ryoji Matsuoka ( red RM stamp beneath label)...description was that the guitar was.."best sounding of my guitars"... or something to that effect.
Showed no major dings or problems on the pictures posted, but when it was received out of the box - ay yi yi...! See the following.
Broken brace/separated seam on the top/extremely high action and unplayable/ and COMPLETELY DEAD! Only a THUNK! What a dishonest sale. Tried to make a merciful allowance that the guy never checked it before he sent it out.
So had to do all the following work to make it playable. And didn't really want to, but I HAD to do it, or else throw the guitar away, and I didn't want to do that. I wanted to find one of these guitars for awhile.
So the end result... is a very nice sounding guitar. You probably can't really tell by the sound quality of the camera, but seriously, this guitar sounds nice now. I changed quite a bit about the way the neck connected to the body. The internal construction seemed kind of off...take a look. Things weren't very exact. Ill-fitting, and so on.
But now, it sounds very nice. I don't think I'll get rid of it. Good separation between notes but warm. And vibrates into your body. Usually when that happens the volume isn't there. But it is in this guitar. Maybe you can get a sense from the included sound file.
Laminated top. Probably sides too. No matter.....
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